At Atri , in the hamlet of Casoli, one of the most populous and artistically active of the ancient city of Abruzzo , rise up the winery Centorame , led by Lamberto Vannucci . Founded officially in 1987 thanks to his father, the company has its roots in the first four acres of land purchased twenty years ago by the grandfather Marino and dedicated to the cultivation of olive groves, orchards and vineyards. Thanks to the experience and great love for this land, in 2002 the family decided to take the first step towards the wine from his own grapes , giving the company in the hands of a young and determined Lamberto, with the aim of enhancing the character of the Abruzzo grapes and be able to offer their full and authentic expression. The third generation is the link between the family memory and renewal of production techniques, without giving up the rules of the wines of Abruzzo on the methods of the harvest and breeding. Today the estate has nineteen acres of land. Ten of which are planted with vineyards, three are planted with olive trees, one hectare is planted with cherry orchard, a part is devoted to mixed farming and a remaining part is dedicated to the photovoltaic system, able to provide clean energy, enough to meet the needs of the company.